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12/29/00 Last update of the Century...and the changes are in the Artists area. Two new images of Pierre Bourdelle's works have been added (including a rare inside look at the Silver Plate). We've also added, to the Artists page, a section on advertising artist Bruce Bomberger, who painted many of the scenes used in the early advertising for the CZ. Bomberger worked for Patterson and Hall, who's current owner, Bruce Hettema, has been a source of great info. We're currently looking for info on ad artists Komorski and Gerhardt Hurt, and if you can help, we'd love to hear from you.
12/9/00 A bunch of updates:
  • First, there's the Christmas card on the Home page, but you've already seen that (it's also on the Brochures and Literature page).
  •  The big news with this update is Jon Clark's listing of the CZ and DRGW cars that went to Mexico, and their corresponding names and numbers. And unfortunately their fates. Thus, the Mexican car page, accessible from Ghosts, has been revised an updated. There is still some confusion surrounding the S. Creek, so if anyone can shed some light, please let us know. 
  • Juan Viladroza also sent some additional photos of the interior of the Silver Planet. 
  • The Silver Maple and Larch now are on the web at the St Louis NRHS site, which is linked from the Ghosts page.
  • Finally, thanks much to Merrill Thurman who sent me some of his brochures and timetables to scan, adding some detail and depth to their respective pages.
11/12/00 An early collection of menus has been added to the Diner Artifacts (Paper) page.
11/5/00 This week, we have 13 new magazine ads contributed by Nick Sayer, a CZ fan from "down under" in Australia. Thanks, Nick!!
10/28/00 Many images from the Loli Bryant collection of Dining Car items are now up on the Diner page. Because of its growing size, the artifacts page has been split into two, the China and Silver, and the Menus, Paper and Linen.
10/22/00 The status of much of the remaining CZ equipment has now been updated in Ghosts. More images have also been added to the Diner artifacts page. These include several new china images and a new silver image courtesy of a number of great collectors who are willing to share their images. Thanks to all of them.
10/14/00 Two new photos of the Silver Lariat in UP colors in Ghosts, and a new dish on the Diner artifacts page.
10/7/00 A new page with images of the elusive dome-observation Silver Planet from Juan Villadroza has been added to the Ghosts page (sorry, Juan, for taking so long to get these up!!) and a new memory from Dan Nelson is on the Memories page.
10/01/00 A new image "guide" has been added to the Silver Hostel page to add perspective to the posted images. Also added, a new page to the Ghosts page called Mexican Sleepers. Images are presented on sleepers from Mexico believed to be ex-CZ cars. If you can help identify any of the cars by their original CZ names, please let us know!
9/16/00 Added locomotive technical information on the Motive Power page. A new article has been posted in Silver Memories. Added a new image of WP 805A on it's page in the "Ghosts" section.
9/7/00 More new images on the Gallery page, including a rare color photo of D&RGW Alco PA's in the short lived gold and silver paint scheme!
9/2/00 Added an image of a WP issued ticket folder to the Miscellaneous page and a new image to the Gallery page
8/22/00 This update is primarily some long over due site maintenance. Image links on the Motive Power page have been corrected, as well as fixing links on the Site Map and Silver Rifle "Ghosts" page


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