The Silver Hostel (WP 832) dome-buffet was purchased in May 1999 by the Portola Railroad Museum from Illinois Transit Assembly Corp. After the CZ was terminated in 1970, the car became part of a railroad-theme restaurant, and was eventually stripped of all glass and many other parts

Repairs to enable transportation were first completed at the ITAC facility in Illinois. The Silver Hostel was then moved the Museum in Portola, Ca. Restoration efforts are now underway. Once completed the car will be on display and open to the public. The Museum is in the process of raising funds in order to complete the restoration and would appreciate any assistance donors could provide. Besides funds and volunteer labor, they seek information and images of both the car's exterior and interior, as well as help locating missing items from the car, including seats, window shades, light covers and other parts. If you'd like to help, please jump over to the Museum's page for contact information.

Eugene Vicknair generously supplied the photos below of the car as it sat at ITAC at the time of purchase. As you can see, there's a lot of work to do. There's a lot of pieces missing, especially in the dormitory section. In the dome, all the glass and window frames are missing and will probably have to be remanufactured.

Stay tuned...we hope to bring you in-progress photos of the restoration.

Left side, looking aft
Left side, looking forward
Left side
Left side, forward end
Left side, aft end
Dome looking forward
Dome, looking aft
Image map for the following interior photos. Numbers on the photos correspond to the locations shown here.
#1-Coffee shop, looking aft. Wall that door is leaning on is where US map and later the cable car photo were located.
#2-Coffee shop, looking forward.
#3-Dormitory area. Wall dividing dorm from passage way is missing. Zephyrette room is at far end.

#4-Dormitory facilities.
#5-Passage way under dome, next to the lounge area.

#6-Lounge area, looking forward and to the right.

#7-Buffet food prep area.

#8-Bar service area area.


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