Of all the motive power used by the CZ, WP's silver and orange F units are the most synonymous with the train, and only one has survived the years. Now owned by the Portola Railroad Museum, WP 805A drifted through life, and almost lost it. Following the cessation of the Zephyr, 805A was traded to GE for a new U23B. Unlike many trade-ins which were subsequently scrapped, 805A was sold in 1972 to Wellsville, Addison and Galeton, becoming their number 49. She was then transferred in 1976 to WAG's sister line, Louisiana and North West. 805A was within spitting distance of the scrapper's torch when the Feather River Rail Society and society members John Ryczkowski, Larry Hanlon, and Steve Habeck stepped up and rescued her. After a thorough restoration process, she now stands as in former times, reflecting the glory that once graced the Feather River Canyon.

Ex-805A, shortly after arrival at WAG. (Randy Gustafson photo, resident on the WAG page.)

Showing her new livery as L&NW #49. (Michael Palmieri photo resident on the L&NW page.)

Check out that headlight.... (Stanley Jackowski photo, resident on the WAG page.) 

Restored to former glory at Portola (A. Radecki photo.)

Another view from Portola. (W. Crandall photo.)
The three photos above show 805A at the Portola Museum, courtesy of Sam Herschbein.


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