Equipment of the

California Zephyr

 Cars of the California Zephyr

The equipment used in the operation of the California Zephyr was as unique as it was beautiful. The participating railroads kept the equipment in high state of cleanliness and repair during the train's heyday. Consists were made up to include only the stainless steel Budd cars for a completely matching train. There were occasions due to equipment damage or breakdown which necessitated inserting a non-California Zephyr car as an emergency replacement. The service agreement with the Pennsylvania and New York Central railroads provided for continuing sleeper service to New York City from Chicago. While the PRR owned one of the CZ cars for this service, it was not unusual for there to be a splash of color and variety in the consists when one of their other cars was included.

Motive Power of the California Zephyr

Locomotives provided by each railroad to move the train were some of the most modern available at the introduction of the California Zephyr. Sporting brilliant and flashy color schemes, each railroad initially ordered motive power sets exclusively for use in powering the California Zephyr.

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