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A note on the Lolli Bryant Collection: Lolli is a WP fan, collector and historian through and through. She lives in Portola, where she operates the Silver Lady Bed and Breakfast (100 Escondido Way 916-832-1641). In March, 1999, she traveled south to Los Angeles to take part in Travel Town's celebration of the 50th anniversary of the CZ, where she and I (Alan) shared a display table. It was great to get to know her, and I thank her for letting me photograph the items from her extensive collection to share with you here. (Below are two views of the table setting at the display).


When the train was designed, china bearing the CZ logo was contemplated, but for some reason never ordered. Instead, for the life of the train, the food was served on the Burlington's Violets and Daisies pattern. This china was a long running pattern on the CB&Q. Prior to the CZ, it was used on the Twin Zephyr, and it is similar to "Violet Spray", a pattern that had been used by the CB&Q since the turn of the century. It was produced by both Buffalo China and Syracuse China in the 1950's and 1960's, and was made by Syracuse as late as 1971. Virtually all of the Buffalo pieces are backmarked with "CB&Q", most of Syracuse's output is not. (Thanks to Tom and Meg Coughlin, the hosts of The Rail Store web page, for this information!)

Dinner plate 9", Syracuse, no RR b/s, date code 10-BB. (Image courtesy of Ted Huart)


Bread plate. This example shows an early (pre-CZ) production version of this pattern, featuring overglaze decoration. 5.5", Syracuse 1918. (Courtesy of the Coughlins)

Butterpat. 3.375", Buffalo, Back stamped "made for CB&Q R.R." (Courtesy of the Coughlins)
Butterpat (courtesy of Peter Larsen and Roger Schmorr) 

Bowl and butterpat. (Courtesy of the Coughlins)

Bowl (courtesy of the Coughlins)

Bowl, front and back view (Courtesy of Mark S. Thompson)

Cup, features underglaze decoration; 3", Syracuse 1950, no back stamp. (Courtesy of the Coughlins)

Demitasse cup and saucer (Lolli Bryant collection)

Demitasse cup, 2 ½ inches tall, 2 1/4 inches in diameter. (Courtesy of Cina Gerhardt)
Celery Dish, 10" x 4.75". Made by Syracuse china date code 1967. No RR Backstamp. (Image courtesy of Robert Dachille)

Square Serving Dish (?), backstamped: "Haviland France Haviland & Co. Limoges for T. M. James & Co. Kansas City, Mo. For Burlington Route." Not certain exactly what this dish was used for. Any one know? (Image courtesy of Frank Dillen)

Oval Platter (Lolli Bryant collection)

Oval serving platter. 10 1/4" x 7" Made by Haviland Limoges (Image courtesy of Jim Mills).

Gravy Boat (image courtesy of Bill Lindsay)
Drain. At the 50th anniversary display at Travel Town, a gentleman walked up to Lolli, and seeing the pattern of the china, remarked that he had an unusual item of the same pattern at home. He returned awhile later and gave Lolli this piece. As near as we can figure, it is a drain, possibly for artichokes and the like. If anyone has more specific knowledge, please let us know! Here are a couple of photos of possible uses. Photo 1; photo 2 

Double-handled Silver Bowl Measures 6 1/2" handle to handle and 5" on the opening of the bowl.  Backstamp is the C.Z. logo. Made by International Silver. (thanks to GSE99) 

Silver Tray 10" tray, back marked "IS International Silver Co. Silver Soldered 05057 10 IN 62". (Image courtesy of Paul Rheaume)

Silver Pitcher. 14 ounce, made by International Silver, 05088. Bottom marked with CZ logo. (Lolli Bryant collection)

Knife and spoons (Lolli Bryant collection)

Forks (closeup of logo) (Lolli Bryant collection)

Table Spoon. (Image courtesy of Jim McLaughlin)

Silver Menu Holder. (closeup) (Lolli Bryant collection)

Corn-on-the-Cob Holders. (Image courtesy of Jack)

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