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Links to Other California Zephyr Related Web Sites

Compiled by John Wilson (formerly a part of his California Zephyr Homepage)


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Domeliners  Patrick Dorin  Superior Publishing, 1973 
Portrait of a Silver Lady  Bruce A. McGregor & Ted Benson  Pruett Publishing Company, 1977 
Train Shed Cyclopedia #73  CZ Car Information  Gregg Publishing 
Classic American Streamliners Mike Schafer & Joe Welsh Motor Books International 
Streamliner Memories Mike Schafer Motor Books International 
The Passenger Car Library: The Budd Co. Vol 1- CB&Q W. David Randall RPC Publications, Inc., 1999



Railroad Magazine  November 1949  The California Zephyr 
Pacific News  January 1967  Why Discontinue the California Zephyr? 
Pacific News  March 1970  The Lady Vanishes 
Trains  June 1970  WP's CZ - Born March 20, 1949, Died March 22,1970 
Trains  September 1970  What We'll Remember about WP's CZ 
Railroad Model Craftsman  December 1972 Golden Memories of a Silver Train 
Trains  January 1973  Her Spirit Will Never Die 
Railroad  February 1974  Anniversary of the California Zephyr 
Trains  April 1975  Chasing the Ghost of the Silver Lady 
NMRA Bulletin May 1978 Remember When? - The Zephyr
Pacific News  June 1979  Rio Grande Zephyr Cars 
Private Varnish  May/June 1988  Silver Solarium,  A Fitting Finale 
Passenger Train Journal  March 1989  Article on The California Zephyr 
Private Varnish  July/August 1989  Cover Photo of Silver Crescent 



Railroad Model Craftsman  December 1972  California Zephyr Dome Obs 
Railroad Model Craftsman  January 1973  California Zephyr Baggage Car 
Railroad Model Craftsman  June 1973  California Zephyr Vista Dome/Dorm-Buffet Lounge 
Railroad Model Craftsman  November 1973  California Zephyr Diner 
Railroad Model Craftsman  July 1974  California Zephyr 6 Dbr-5 Comp. Sleepers 
Railroad Model Craftsman  July 1975  California Zephyr 10-6 & 16 Section Sleepers 
Railroad Model Craftsman  April 1976  California Zephyr Dome Chair Car 
S-Gaugian May/June 1993 Silver Palace Dome Car
Model Railroader  June 1997  Painting CB&Q's F3's 


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