The sleeper Silver Thrush was originally delivered in 1952 as CB&Q 452, part of an order of additional cars which were needed to meet the high ridership demands which the CZ was experiencing in the early 1950s. The Thrush and her five sisters represented a new type of car for the CZ, with a layout of six double bedrooms and five sleeping compartments.

After the advent of Amtrak, it became 192221, later 10021, and was eventually renamed Elm Grove. It appears, by looking carefully at the car's name board, that there was a previous name; all that can be made out is "CE GROVE". Recently purchased at auction from Amtrak by Monad Railway Equipment of La Mirada, CA, it is now MREX 452. The car has been rebuilt and refurbished many times. While the interior layout is still original, the decor is late-generation Amtrak. On the outside, the skirting has been removed, and the under-car components are all standard Amtrak as well.
These photos were taken on August 31, 1999, when the Silver Thrush/Elm Grove arrived at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal at the head end of Amtrak's Southwest Chief (A. Radecki photos)

If you look real close at the upper name board, you can still make out "California Zephyr".

If you look real close at this name board, you can see that the car was previously named "...CE GROVE".

The standard Budd/CZ skirting is long gone.

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