The Silver Lounge, CB&Q 251, saw BN and Amtrak service before going to the Vandalia Railroad. In 1982, it was rebuilt by new owners Sierra Hotel Railway into its current configuration with an open observation deck at the short end of the car. This results in the car running "backwards" from its original configuration.
The Sierra Hotel has been living in Wisconsin, often carrying WC logos and running on the WC business train. It is also available for charter, and this link takes you to the car's official page.
The Sierra Hotel is also listed on the AAPRCO web site.
On 5/27/99, the Sierra Hotel passed through Fullerton, CA on the westbound Amtrak Southwest Chief, at the end of a long line of trailing express cars. The car was running like it used to, short-end first, with theopen platform was facing toward the express cars in front. (Photo courtesy of Steve Grande; link is to the page for the Hotel's visit to Fullerton.)
The Sierra Hotel along with the dome Northern Sky behind Amtrak's pretend CZ at the west portal of the Moffat tunnel (Winter Park CO). Photos by David Thebodo from the Rail Merchants International web site.

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