The Silver Feather saw service as AutoTrain 461, then on Amtrak (# unknown) into the late 80s. It is believed that Texas Southern and Transcisco had the car, as well. In 1993, it became a part of Washington Central's dinner train, renumbered back to 812, and in May 1997 it and several other cars moved to BCRail's Starlight Dinner Train, where it was renamed Moonglow.
Roster shot of the Silver Feather (sorry, folks, I just can't bring myself to call it the Moonglow), courtesy of Gordon Hall, from his Starlight web page.
The Silver Feather is the last of the three domes in this photo from BCRail's official Starlight Dinner Train web site. One could almost believe that the car was back in the Feather River Canyon.... (This site incorrectly identifies it as the Twilight.)

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