When the D&RGW transitioned from the CZ to the Rio Grande Zephyr, it made more sense for them to operate a combine on the train rather than the traditional full baggage car. Thus, the Silver Antelope, D&RGW 1100, was sold in 1973 to the Algoma Central Railroad, first becoming #211 and then #302, losing its name as well. Still in all-stainless steel, it is used on various excursion trains run by the ACR. Brian Porter, an ACR conductor, reports that "This is a unique baggage car because all of it's components for the air system are actually inside the baggage car located on the ceiling."
Train No. 1 with the Silver Antelope behind FP9 1753, just south of Goulais along the Searchmont Highway on Aug. 9, 1996. (Image courtesy of Ted Ellis, from his ACR web site)
The Silver Antelope at Hearst Yard behind ACR FP7A 1756 on the morning of Aug. 8, 1996 (Image courtesy of Ted Ellis, from his ACR web site)

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