This Alco PB-1 was purchased as a part of A-B-A set 600 (the set was later renumbered 6001, 6002 and 6003) in 1947 for CZ service. With the demise of Alco power on the CZ, 6002 was stripped and converted in October 1965 to a steam generator car, and renumbered 253. In 1980 it was reballasted, and the 3-axle trucks were exchanged for non-traction-motored EMD Blomberg trucks (it seems the Alco trucks were hard on the track and a challenge to obtain spare parts for).

It was rebuilt again in 1987 with two Caterpillar 480V/30KW diesel generators for service with the Ski Train's new ex-VIA coaches. At this time it was named Moffat Tunnel. In 1994 it was renamed Joseph G. Harris the former Rio Grande employee who had engineered the rebuild. Since the 1998 season, leased Amtrak F40PH locomotives have been the usual power on the train, and since they have HEP capabilities, the power car is not necessary when they are on the train. It is stored in Denver as backup incase freight power is needed.

(Historical information courtesy of Dave Cross, and James Griffin's Ski Train page)
As the Moffat Tunnel, the HEP car is seen at Winter Park CO in 1993, at the east portal of its namesake landmark. (Photos courtesy of James Griffin)
As the Joseph G. Harris, it is seen here in Denver in 1998. (Photo courtesy of Dave Cross)

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