D&RGW F9A #5771 and F9B #5762 are the two sole-surviving EMD-built ex-CZ units. Both are now a part of the Colorado Railroad Museum's collection in Denver. Delivered in September, 1955, both saw service on the CZ as well as the Royal Gorge and the Rio Grande Zephyr. They were donated to the museum by the Southern Pacific on August 23, 1996, and the restoration process was completed with a dedication ceremony on March 21, 1999 (one day after the 50th anniversary of the CZ's inauguration).

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David Cross Photos

At Burnam yard April 6 1995, with the sheet-metal pilot used in later years.

Undergoing restoration, August, 1998.

Sunday, March 21, 1999, just after the ceremony.

With the Dome Monument. 3/21/99

Also dedicated on 3/21/99 was 5762.

Steven Garner Photo

5771 early in the restoration process, with the pilot removed (5762 in the background).

Jerry Appleman Photos

Resplendent in her new livery at the dedication ceremony 

Dedication plaque. Switch turned on light and horn during ceremony.

James Griffin Photos

(From James' D&RGW photo page)

F9 #5771 leads the Ski Train through the cut below Tunnel 1 in March 1984. One year earlier, the Rio Grande Zephyr would have looked just like this. 

Top view, passing through the cut east of the Coal Creek bridge, April 1984. 


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