In 1966, Bill Waller traveled from Chicago to California and back on the California Zephyr. Along the way, he recorded the journey in black and white, as well as color slides. Here's a look at the journey through his eyes and lens. (WB= west bound, EB= east bound)
On the CB&Q

Leaving Chicago behind an E7-E8-E7 trio (WB)

Entering Denver behind a switcher (WB) (see the note at the bottom of this page for information on the non-CZ car in this image)

Cleaning the train on the Denver wash rack (WB)

On the D&RGW

Denver, changing of the guard -- The Rio Grande takes over (WB)

Grand Junction (EB)

Grand Junction (EB)

Grand Junction (EB)

Climbing through the Rockies' mists


A canyon in the Rockies

On the WP

One of many tunnels in the Feather River Canyon


And another.

Around a caboose and a Geep...possibly Keddie (EB)

The World as seen from the second dome (EB)

A passing freight (WB)

CZ power just relieved from the point

Past F7 913A in the Sacramento Valley

Niles Canyon

Dr. Stephen J. Levine wrote with a tidbit of information on why, in the image of the train being towed into Denver, the switcher was at the head end of the train rather than at the back, as was in earlier years. He references information from Fred Frailey's book Twilight of the Great Trains and says, "From about 1960, when the Coloradoan was discontinued, the CZ inherited some of the former train's head end traffic west of Omaha. At Omaha, the westbound CZ would acquire two heavyweight baggage-mail cars for Denver, and a baggage-mail and RPO for McCook, Nebraska. The Omaha-Denver head end cars lasted until 1967, so the Havelock baggage car at the front of the train in this photo represented this traffic. Since the car had to come off at Denver, it would have made sense to have the switcher hooked to it in the front of the train, rather than in the back."

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