The First and Last Runs


First Run

First Trip Cachet -- Cachet carried aboard the first west-bound train. Postmarked March 22, 1949 in San Francisco. (The though it looks orange in this image, the color of the printing is actually yellow, but the high-end HP scanner used just doesn't seem to want to be convinced.)

Last Run

Chicago Tribune Clipping from Monday, March 23, 1970. The photo, from the WP public relations department, had been around for a couple of decades, but I guess the caption writer didn't know any better...

Chicago Sun-Times Clipping also from Monday, March 23, 1970.

The Rio Grande Zephyr's last run, from the Chicago Sun-Times, April 25, 1983

The Rio Grande Zephyr's last run, article from the Summer 1983 issue of the D&RGW's company magazine, the Green Light. Also from the same issue is an article reprinted from the Swedish magazine SJ-NYTT, written by a Swedish student who traveled on the RGZ. (Scans courtesy of Keith Hahn)

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