General and Scenic Ads

Good-Bye to Winter, Holiday, February 1949. There's a few creative things happening in this ad: if you know San Francisco geography and the architecture of the Golden Gate Bridge, you'll realize that this hole they're teeing off on must be on a floating island at sea. Also, because this ad came out a month before the CZ started, when the domes were still operating on the Exposition Flyer, the road name on the dome in the lower painting is "Western Pacific".

America's Newest, Most Beautiful Train, Holiday, April 1949.

The California Zephyr in the Red Canyon of the Colorado River National Geographic, Date unknown.

"Through the Rocky Mountains and the High Sierras...." National Geographic, October 1957. Mike Tisdale writes, "the photo at Plainview shows an NYC sleeper, the through car from New York, just ahead of the observation car. Not too apparent on the scan, but visible on a paper print."

The CZ on the Western Pacific's Clio Viaduct National Geographic, February, 1957

"The California Zephyr in the Colorado Rockies" National Geographic, January 1958

"More to See, More to Do" ["Look Dad, it's Bambi!] National Geographic, January 1957

"Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around" National Geographic, date unknown.

"Look Up..." (they used this slogan a lot!) National Geographic, 1952.

"The Scenic Way to California" National Geographic, October 1949 (collection of Dave Bilger)

"The New San Francisco Cable Car Room" National Geographic, February, 1962 (collection of Dave Bilger)

"Winter Travel is Wonderful" National Geographic, October, 1958 (collection of Dave Bilger).

Rio Grande...Wonderland Railroad. National Geographic, September 1955.

Western Pacific's "Story-Board" Series

"The Private Car of Mr. and Mrs. Henderson" National Geographic, November 1956

"To California...." Travel from one passenger's point of view. National Geographic, date unknown

"I Know Why"...The Nellie O'Grady story. From National Geographic, May 1956

"Room to Roam" National Geographic, December 1956.

"Cinerama Holiday" National Geographic, December,1955. For more information on the CZ's participation in this film, go to the exhibit hall "The CZ as Movie Star".

"Executive Decision at Bear Ranch Creek" From the 1957 Western Pacific Annual Report.

"People Say the Nicest Things..." Letters from passengers. National Geographic, January 1964.

Western Pacific's "Cartoon" Series

"The Most Talked About Train in the Country" National Geographic, October 1953

"The Best Loved Train in America" National Geographic, date unknown.

"Curious?" National Geographic, date unknown.

"The Most Talked About Train in the Country" (This was a recurring theme in CZ advertising) National Geographic, December 1950.

"Talk About Exclusives...." National Geographic, November, 1952 (collection of John Mosbarger).

"You'll Be Surprised..." National Geographic, March 1954.

"Seasoned With Scenery" National Geographic, November 1954.

"Bon Voyage...Or How to Turn a Business Trip into a Two-Day Vacation" National Geographic, February, 1955.

"Naturally, the Most Talked-About Train..." Time Magazine, March 27, 1950.

Equipment Manufacturer's Ads

EMD's CZ Locomotives National Geographic, July 1949

Standard Oil's RPM Delo Diesel Oil. This painting was done in commemoration of the inauguration of the CZ, and later appeared on a number of WP publications. (July 1949, Fortune Magazine).

Standard Oil's RPM Delo Diesel Oil. A lesser known Delo ad...this one didn't receive such wide spread use of its painting as the ad above. (Saturday Evening Post, 1949; exact date unknown)

"Revolution on Rails" Budd's advertisement for the new Western Pacific "Zephyrette", with a gorgeous Leslie Ragan painting. National Geographic, date unknown.

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